Top Moments of 2008

Here’s my top memorable moments of 2008, big love to everyone involved with this year!

Early Spring – Paris

Rounding the corner after getting out of the Trocadero train station and seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time.

Music that was playing : Drive in Saturday by David Bowie

Early Spring – Paris

Heading to Le Boule Rouge, circling the Arc de Triomphe in the passenger seat of the Rabbi’s Mercedes, Julien navigating 5 lanes of chaos while smoking, talking and not even looking while driving.

Music that was playing : Most likely Zappa, but my brain registers Alive in the City by Zita Swoon

Spring – Orlando

Riding the Tower of Terror with my wife and kids… Sunshine’s face a mixture of horror and excitement.

Music that was playing : Screams of children and laughing of parents

Spring – Cocoa Beach

Attempting to catch a few waves on Grayson’s boogie board

Music that was playing : Waves and futile paddling

Spring – NYC

Dropping a txt bomb on Kosta while killing several bottles of wine with Colleen and the Heuer sisters.

Music that was playing : I’ve Got a Feeling by The Beatles

Summer – Nashville

Seeing Poi Dog Pondering play live after living with their music for nearly 20 years. Ian and I had a table 5 feet from Frank as they played.

Music that was playing : Butterflies by Poi Dog Pondering

Summer – Chicago

Early morning, running around Chicago lakeside parks with the kids, taking photos of them and the Bean.

Music that was playing : Everybody Here is a Cloud by Cloud Cult


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