Bound to Fail : The 4 Worst Blog Ideas

If any blog pitch fits neatly into one of these categories, you have an excellent chance of failure.

The Expert Blog
In which a company expert (usually an engineer) is tapped to write an insider interest blog. Hard to sustain, boring.

The Enthusiast Blog
In which the company sponsors people to tout the virtue of their product. Inauthentic, easy to spot, no one loves a shill. (see Steve Rubel and WalMart)

The Character Blog
In which a character that represents the brand or product is created and runs a fake blog. Low interest, shallow, ultimately unfunny. (see Captain Morgan’s Blog)

The Product Use Blog
In which people are tasked with using the product and document their adventures. Usually 2 knuckleheads driving across America doing something “real”. Milquetoast, ultimately false.


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