I’ve been telecommuting for over a year now. It’s pretty cool overall. Luckily I work for a company (Versata) that really doesn’t care where the work is done, as long as it’s done and done well.

I don’t believe Versata set out to create a workforce of telecommuters, but I don’t think they care that it happened either. They’re a very progressive company when it comes to outsourcing of work, and distribution of talent, so why not apply that theory to regular employees?

So here is my top good / bad points of telecommuting:

The Good!

  • $4 a gallon gas : I fill up my tank about twice a month, usually less. This makes me happy.
  • Better coffee : I have a Grind-&-Brew and a very nice espresso machine, and the cost has already been negated by the lack of Starbucks over a couple months.
  • Great location, great view… In the summer, there’s a pool.
  • Phone, chat, email keep everyone connected very well. Versata provides a phone with data, I write my DSL and home office off my taxes. We all win.
  • I can play my music as loud as I want, and spin vinyl all day if I fell like it.
  • I walk my kids to school, and have dinner with my family every day.

The Bad!

  • Lonely Andrew! Yes, it can be sort of isolating at times, and the camaraderie and social aspect of an office is lost.
  • Working hours blur a bit. I’m sure, big picture-wise, I’m not working more hours, but when home is the office, you’re sort of always on the clock.
  • Disconnected in small ways. Additional effort to keep tabs, or have tabs kept, is sometimes needed. Compared to the churn of useless information that occurs in an office, and the effort of parsing through it all, the effort is about the same.
  • Motivation! If I didn’t possess such a midwestern work mentality, I’d probly never get much done.

Overall, I dig working remotely and appreciate that I can. I recommend it for those who like to work, but hate the talentless brown shirts that linger around the office, corrupting an otherwise useful day!


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