Summer Listening

Monday is apparently the first day of Autumn. Leaves are starting to fall, the pool is closed, I find myself under the covers more often.

So, I put a close to my summer listening, which looks much less sunny and gleeful than summer should be, but it was a very introspective summer for me.

Here’s the top 20 artists tells me I listened to the most often in the last 3 months.
(Not counting vinyl spinning of course).

David Bowie – 686 tracks, mostly from the Berlin Trilogy. I have a great fondness for Low.
The Gaslight Anthem – 359 tracks, pretty much all from their new LP ‘The ’59 Sound’ by far the best album this year.
The Alarm – 206 tracks, mostly from their new album ‘Guerilla Tactics’
Joe Strummer – 178 tracks, mostly from a live bootleg from a 2002 Osaka show.
Poi Dog Pondering – 149 tracks, mostly from their new LP ‘7’
Against Me! – 138 tracks, mostly from ‘New Wave’ the best album of 2007, and their new B-sides EP.
Defiance, Ohio – 135 tracks. mainly from their recent LP ‘The Fear, The Fear, The Fear’ and quite a few listens of the track ‘Pool Hair’ from the Pink Couch Sessions (Link)
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – 120 tracks, mostly from their new compilation “Have Another Ball”
The Walkmen – 119 tracks, mostly from their new LP ‘You & Me’
John Cale – 113 tracks, mostly from ‘Paris 1919’ and his latest ‘Black Acetate’
Brian Eno & David Byrne – 109 tracks, all from their new LP ‘Everything That Happens’
Mercury Rev – 104 listens, mainly from their new LP ‘Snowflake Midnight’
Hifi Handgrenades – 102 listens, all from their grand LP ‘Carry On’
Daniel Lanois – 100 listens, mostly from his recent LP ‘Here Is What Is’
Cloud Cult – 100 listens, almost all from their magnificent LP ‘Feel Good Ghosts’
Glen Campbell – 98 listens, all from his oddly engaging covers album.
The Durutti Column – 95 listens, from his recent LP ‘Sunlight To Blue… Blue To Blackness’
The Who – 95 listens, mostly from ‘Quadropenia’ which is lodged forever into my top 20 albums of all time list.
The Clash – 91 listens, mostly bootleg live shows.
The Grates – 90 listens, all from their new LP ‘Teeth Lost, Hearts Won’

More of this list and more listening habits at


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