When Conversion Works

Conversion. Conversion? Conversion!

Everybody wants it… users know how to avoid it.

Here are three scenarios where conversion will work:

When it has a strong value proposition to the user
When it is a logical step in a user’s mental model
When it replaces a real-world task in a better way

If you’re not fitting into one of those, chances are you’re about to fail.


One response to “When Conversion Works

  1. How are they inter-related ? Aren’t they strongly inter related ? I think #1 is larger and generic. (Over)simply put ,Value = Function/Cost. This doesnt apply to products/services with emotional appeal. So if you dig deeper into users mind and have either of them(function/cost) put as content, conversion will happen.

    I respectfully, disagree with you on logical step in users mental model. If it already exist they will always convert. The Trick is by #1 make services/product to reach to #2 for user ?!

    Nice thoughts , pretty hard to put them in such succinct manner.

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