Paper + Time + an Affinity for Small Books

Muji Chronobook

I have a strange weakness for bags and notebooks.

I have far more bags than items to carry in them, and drawers full of yet-to-be-used notebooks.

Some notebooks have a special purpose assigned, and I simply haven’t gotten around to it yet. Some are just too “nice” to be used for mad scribbles and boring work.

My daily books are from Rhodia, a large wirebound sketchbook, and of course my tiny and handy Moleskine cashier notebooks

Oddly, I’m also attracted to datebooks / organizers, despite knowing that I’ll never really use one.

And I always think I need the Action Series by Behance, but apparently, buying them hasn’t made it to my action list yet. Link

Last year I gave out the very cool, Slingshot anarchist/activist organizers to several people (Slingshot, Monkey Wrench Books)

Now I find myself faced with wanting to get 2 different datebooks for 2009. And here I thought was doing well with my little problem.

The Haruki Murakami Datebook is a beautifully designed book, with reference by the Japanese author from his many wonderous books.
Amazon Link

The Muji Chronobook is definitely a lust object. A simple book with a Day and Night side per spread. It’s arranged in a non-linear fashion, with very little in the formal, rigid time-keeping mindset.
as seen on Cool Hunting

The Muji Chronobook is only available at the Muji Store in Soho, so if any of my NYC peeps are in the area, my birthday is coming up.


One response to “Paper + Time + an Affinity for Small Books

  1. Just stumbled across your blog searching for the Muji Chronobook! Do you know how much it is?

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