The Plan

A very long time ago, about 23 years I believe, I had just started college. A young lad of 17 set loose in a small college town at a mid-sized school.

One drunken night, I got in an argument with someone over turning in our design projects on time (which I always did) and turning in something that resembled what the instructor asked for (which I rarely did).

I believe the conversation contained the words “Don’t you worry about your career?!?” (it was college, we used multiple ? and ! points all the time).

Every loser bastard I had ever met was concerned about their career, how to cover their ass and make sure they never rocked the boat enough to get in trouble… and here I was at the spawning of such behaviour. A routine established early on by petty authority to be meek, uninspired and routine. The onset of a lifetime toeing the line, drinking the kool aid and being a good little monkey for spineless assholes who thought that was how the world worked. (I was drunk and I liked to ramble).

So, I scoffed at his mundane and tepid concerns, and on the spot came up with my version, the Life Plan.

The Life Plan
My 20s : Do whatever came my way. Basically fuck off and figure out the world.
My 30s : Decide what I was going to do, and become the best at it.
My 40s : Become famous to some degree.
My 50s : Start my own Justice League, assemble the best people I knew and so something amazing
My 60s : Travel the world
My 70s : Write

That’s it. No, millionaire before 45, no married with kids before 35, nothing. Some things don’t need to be timed, the universe has a way of putting me where it needs me, and I’m good with that.

What’s your plan?

(FYI, watching Mad Men makes me want to swap the 40s for the 50s.)


One response to “The Plan

  1. I’ve never had a life plan… but looking back it is interesting to consider what I achieved:

    Late Teens: I found Friendship.
    Early 20s: I found Myself.
    Late 20s: I found Love.
    Early 30s: I found Family.
    Late 30s: I found Heath & rediscovered Music.
    Early 40s: I found Luck, Peace, more Family, more Music, Community, and grey hairs…

    For the future my hopes are to remain healthy, be a good husband and father, continue to make music, drive as little as possible, and, at all costs, spend as much of my time doing things that I enjoy and hope that doing that encourages those around me to try to do the same.

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