The Album of the Year


“Maria came from Nashville with a suitcase in her hand, I always kinda sorta wished I looked like Elvis…”

True believers rejoice, the spirit of rock has not left us. The ’59 Sound by The Gaslight Anthem will be released on August 19 by Side One Dummy, in the meantime, listen to the title track here.

The math on their first album was easy… add ’90s era Social Distortion to ’70s era Bruce Springsteen, a dash of early Tom Waits and a slice of old-school rockabilly. It was a great album that made my top ten list for 2007. Not bad for a debut album from a young band staggering out of Jersey.

But this new one… it’s something else entirely. Yes, it’s definitely (and defiantly) still them, and although it doesn’t contain the expanded lyrical and songwriting sense of the EP that showed up between the 2 LPs, it’s an amazing LP of great rock songs that make me believe a little sliver of Joe Strummer’s spirit found a new home.

Lyrically, they know how to turn a phrase, such that any dreamers in the world will see their life spelled out in each line. They play fast and loose with some archetypes, and occasionally stray into lyrics that any other band would fail trying to sing, but they pull it off with authenticity and style.

There are few honest bands around, this is one of them… perk up your ears, your life is calling.



Sink or Swim, 2007 : iTunes | Amazon

Señor and the Queen EP, 2008 : iTunes | Amazon

The ’59 Sound, 2008 : iTunes | Amazon


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