In Tua Nua

In random 1980s Irish band news, perpetual Andrew favorite In Tua Nua have a new album out called When Night Came Down on Sunset. (Link)

Last I heard from them was the classic 1988 LP The Long Acre (Link)

I know Leslie Dowdall put out some solo LPs, but what I heard of them was a bit soft and not at all like In Tua Nua.

This new album sounds like it could have been released the year after The Long Acre, but then again, The Long Acre could have been released this year and sounded current. It’s pretty timeless, despite some Steve Lillywhite lingering around.

Although this video smells like my old dorm room:

Check out the new album, I find it to be high on the fantastic scale, and recommend it to all.

Most of their catalog is also available on check it out


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