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In Tua Nua

In random 1980s Irish band news, perpetual Andrew favorite In Tua Nua have a new album out called When Night Came Down on Sunset. (Link)

Last I heard from them was the classic 1988 LP The Long Acre (Link)

I know Leslie Dowdall put out some solo LPs, but what I heard of them was a bit soft and not at all like In Tua Nua.

This new album sounds like it could have been released the year after The Long Acre, but then again, The Long Acre could have been released this year and sounded current. It’s pretty timeless, despite some Steve Lillywhite lingering around.

Although this video smells like my old dorm room:

Check out the new album, I find it to be high on the fantastic scale, and recommend it to all.

Most of their catalog is also available on check it out


Poi Dog Pondering

Finally got to see them play live.

I’ve been a fan of the band for 20 years. I remember the first time I picked up their 5-song EP (on Cassette, of course) at a head shop in El Paso, TX.

The cover was great, happy and interesting. I had no idea who they were, but I bought it anyways.

Good music will find you.

By chance, I was in Nashville for a meeting, and the band happened to be playing a small club within walking distance of my hotel. Ian and I went to the show, and were treated to a great band playing great songs with a great crowd.

I highly recommend their new album, you can buy from the band or on amazon.

Photo from the Houston show a couple days earlier by baldheretic. I didn’t bring a camera.


I’m pretty sure most designers are depressed, bitter assholes because the business of design is one based on compromise of one’s vision. That, and everyone in the world thinks creativity comes so fucking easily.

Goodbye Yoshimi

Sold my CD copy of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots on Amazon today. Bought it at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square in 2002, when I was in NYC for MacWorld with Gary Arnett, staying at this swank ass hotel in midtown that he arranged a Viacom rate for.

It’s quite possibly one of the better designs for an album that I’ve seen in years. It’s really quite striking.