This is My Shed

This is My Shed


Why do we like to talk about environments?

What makes that such an appealing alternative to page, or event?

An environment combines several key emotional and physical aspects into a single, very understandable concept.
Architecture and interior design are very comprehensive disciplines. Both have an inherent combination of Art and Science that appeals to us all.

Living Spaces
Think of a room in your house
If it gets cluttered, it gets uncomfortable.
If it’s empty, it’s devoid of purpose.

Typically, when a space gets overwhelmed with clutter, we tend to take 2 actions:

  • Spread it out (hence the shed)
  • Throw it out

Online, we don’t tend to live in our own spaces, so we take less care.

To simply claim something is an environment is typically wrong
Each environmental space we create has 2 main reasons for existing :

  • It Must have a Function
  • It Must be Comfortable

When we declare something to be an environment, it has to have the following defined:

What is the Purpose?

  • What is the Size & Shape?
  • What is the Decor?
  • What is the Activity?

If we are unable to define the space, it is not a proper environment.

What is the Purpose?
Why are we creating this space? What is it meant to contain or describe?
What is the Size & Shape?
Does it contain multiple activities or spaces? Are there pre-defined constraints?
What is the Decor?
What is the aesthetic of the space? Is it unique or follow a previous direction?
What is the Activity?
What is the expected use of the space? What is its intended use?


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