Bushido and the Art of Concept

Lately, in my work, I’ve been coming full circle back to Bushido tactics, but on a different scale than before.

Back in the nineties, my approach was based on Hagakure, but the focus was on the unstoppable force.

It was the beginning of the bubble. It was better to accelerate than slow down, and I expected everyone around me to keep pace.

Fans of Ayn Rand have told me that I followed her Pragmatist ideals. I think Ayn Rand didn’t account for my rock star tendencies.


I’ve found my work to be centered on striving for a singular purpose… or at least a solid tiering of goals.

Do one thing, do it very well, go to the next. Basing very complex interactions in this model has led to some fantastic results.

It’s been a hard sell to the backwards UX people who are still counting clicks and using phrases like “well, it could go there”

“We could…” means “We’re not going to” in my vocab. If you have to debate, yoink it out. You’ll be much better off without it.

“You are neither cold nor hot, so because you are lukewarm, I will spew you from my mouth”

Bill ‘The Butcher’ Cutting

The singlemindedness of an idea is what will propel it.

When the idea takes on additional weight, it falls apart, or changes to something it was not meant to be.


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