My Ghost Lives in the Machine

Not to digress, because that last post contains a lot to discuss… but another similarity between Twitter, Facebook and WoW is the user’s effort to project an image of themselves into the world.

WoW makes this very easy, you have an avatar, you accomplish things within the construct of the system, meet others and interact within a somewhat constrained storyline.

Your reputation is evident in your skills and experience, and compounded by your actions in play.

I’ve noticed a similar behavior occurring on various social networks.

Recently, I’ve noted some with a concerted effort to transfer the events of their life into a story-based construct through links, tweets, photos, and contacts.

By following their Digital Ghost, I can find out all I need about someone by the interactions that are made very visible online.

This is far more revealing than a bio, or the typical bullets-and-bullshit type of content seen in a CV or resume. First-person exposition is a fading concept when I can learn more about a person through following their own experiences.

By constructing their own story out of various pieces of media around semantically-linked points that are regulated by time, the adventure of life emerges.


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