The Approach

The Approach someone takes to solving a problem is very much like a signature song.

If you don’t have your own approach, you repeat the actions of those around you, typically to a lesser degree.

Much like a central theme or ethos, the approach is what forms the essence of the project.

The Approach is the way the mind looks at a problem, creates a framework for decision-making and produces outcomes.

Every decision made, or design created needs to be validated by the approach. If you keep changing as you go along, you are working like evolution in reverse… every revision will be one step further from remarkable.

Most UX pros have no approach, or use a very generic approach, based on past successes and the general web-at-hand. It’s very likely that they have never stopped to consider developing a series of approaches for different clients or problems.

If you can’t define your approach, you don’t have one. If you say your approach is “enhanced usability” or “common sense” you don’t have one.

If all you know is how to do is construct your concepts according to rules or standards (written, explicit or not) you have lost.

Have a good time in the middle, I guarantee you won’t be lonely.


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