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Mid Year Music List

I’ve probly already emailed anyone who read this anyway… but my mid-year lists are up.

Check them here


Defiance, Ohio

So there I was… pawing through the vinyl at Waterloo records in Austin.

I have to go to Austin about once a month for work… good place to “have” to go.

anyway, as I’m flipping through the stacks, this song comes on, and it’s good. Followed by another one….

Know This when I’m flipping through vinyl, the prettiest girl in the world usually can’t make me look up.

But the music that was playing made me abandon the stacks (and I was only on ‘G’) and go find out who it was.

It was like a great folky band who loved Against Me! playing pirate songs at a campfire.

Needless to say, it was you Defiance, Ohio. I bought the CD, wishing for a vinyl copy and have been enjoying it a lot.

Anyways… not a great story, but every story should be told once.

Oh…. they also have their music under Creative Commons and you can download their new album from their site. Check it Out and go see them when they roll into your town.

Where have the Dolls Gone?

Why do so very few new bands have any personality?

Testing MarsEdit – Listening to Pete Yorn?

As it a small piece of software is enough to get me off my ass and write instead of talk.

Here’s a try:

I’ve never given Pete Yorn any attention… He was one of those semi-mopey troubador types that wrote mid-tempo songs and covered really good songs in a crappy manner for big-budget animated movies. (He did a Buzzcocks cover for Shrek II. Enough said there).

Anyway… I grabbed this track off a tour-only EP he’s peddling called The Westerns. The song is called The Man and featured Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks.

Well, the song is awesome, sounding a lot like one of the better songs from that fellow mid-tempo troubador and Shrek contributor Adam Duritz.

I’m not a big Counting Crows fan, but when Adam is on.. he’s fucking on.

But back to Yorn… I’m now wanting to get the EP and see if it’s all as good as that song, but of course, he’s not playing Detroit.

Ebay has it for 30 bucks. If anyone has it, send me MP3s and I’ll send Pete Yorn $10 paypal. Promise.