The Unburdening Continues

What a difference it makes to clear you desk, your shelves, your mind and your world.

I've been working to get rid of the flotsom and jetsom, both material and not.

I've sold hundreds of CDs and DVDs, I've swapped a huge desktop and an octopus of firewire devices for a single iMac, I've taken a far more liberal approach to what is trash or donatable.

But most of all, I made a list.

It was a tough list, because it made me admit to some flaws (I'm usually flawless) and admit that there are things I tolerate that I probly shouldn't.

The list had 2 columns, Things I Like and Things I Don't Like

Not material things, but life elements.

For example in the Don't Like column I had Fool's Errands and Short Vision, while in the Like column I countered with Challenges I believe in and Chance at Greatness.

At the least, it made me realize I need to re-direct some energy, at the most, it made me prepare for more radical changes.

What's your list look like?


One response to “The Unburdening Continues

  1. Andrew,

    When I’m feeling disconnected in a cosmic way, I tend to hammer-out a list of my own observations in a traditional “What’s Hot/What’s Not” format unfettered by current events, current fashion or music. Basically, just observations. For instance, at the drop of a hat:

    What’s Hot: Bad driving outside of the Waterford area. Not sure really why, though.

    What’s Not: Performing magicians (no matter what they say).

    Do you see?

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