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mesh conference #1

So after a propeller plane ride, a hassle at customs (which I certainly hope had nothing to do with my swarthy appearance), getting settled at the Drake Hotel, and a night of beer at the Sky Bar….

Mesh is on!

Well, almost. In typical Andrew style, I’m about an hour early.

My only wish is that the catering peeps would hurry up so I can grab a bagel and some juice.

some pics up on Flickr ( link )


Best Album This Year (so far)

Reigning Sound – Live at Goner’s

I can’t get enough of this record! If you like any era of rock and roll, from 1957 to yesterday, you’ll probably love the Reigning Sound.

This is a vinyl only release from Goner Records the store / label from Memphis that champions the dirty dirty dirty rock sounds from around the world.

The album has some of the best tunes from Reigning Sound and the Oblivians; and contains some great covers of what Greg Cartwright calls “I’m back in Tennessee songs”

Do yourself a favor and dust off your turntable and drop the needle on this album. You will thank me later.


Hospitals Suck

Luckily, I've only had to be in a hospital (as a patient or otherwise) a few times.

But each time I've been there, I've come to the same realization: "You are not welcome here."

Every piece of furniture is uncomfortable, every possible convenience has been removed, no wireless and cellphone was blocked, even the people are seemingly trained to ignore you.

I picked up a torn and beat-down copy of Popular Science that was in the waiting room, and began reading an article on those new-fangled PDA phones and which one is right for me.

It took me a whole paragraph before I realized either: A) PopSci has lost it… or B) This magazine is a relic.

Turns out it was B. The mag was from May 2005.

I rest my case. 

The Unburdening Continues

What a difference it makes to clear you desk, your shelves, your mind and your world.

I've been working to get rid of the flotsom and jetsom, both material and not.

I've sold hundreds of CDs and DVDs, I've swapped a huge desktop and an octopus of firewire devices for a single iMac, I've taken a far more liberal approach to what is trash or donatable.

But most of all, I made a list.

It was a tough list, because it made me admit to some flaws (I'm usually flawless) and admit that there are things I tolerate that I probly shouldn't.

The list had 2 columns, Things I Like and Things I Don't Like

Not material things, but life elements.

For example in the Don't Like column I had Fool's Errands and Short Vision, while in the Like column I countered with Challenges I believe in and Chance at Greatness.

At the least, it made me realize I need to re-direct some energy, at the most, it made me prepare for more radical changes.

What's your list look like?

Mesh Meshy Mesh Mesh Mesh

It's just fun to say.

I'm quite excited about attending the Mesh Conference in Toronto this month (link).

It's billed as a "Web 2.0 Conference" but to me that's like saying it's a "Pushbroom Conference"

No, what it's shaping up as is more of an idealist camp. Which is fine by me… I'm feeling very much like the cheap whore these days and need to reconnect with the world.

If there are any other idealists out there, join in….

I'll be staying at the Drake, the finest hotel in Toronto (link).

Give me a shout if you'll be there meshing.

Art School Confidential Screenplay

I'm itching to see the movie, but got a taste through the screenplay book.  If you haven't seen the trailer, you should check it out here

The book also includes the original 4 page story that was presented in Eightball comic.

Here's my "oh shit" moment from the comic… I had this guy as a painting teacher in 1986.  I got a D in the class, and still can't paint photo-realistically and still believe a photo is both better and quicker.


P. Diddy calls Bjork

A bit old, but ever so funny.