Angry Red Planet

So I was like 16 or something and Angry Red Planet was playing at this place called the Hole in the Wall, which was really just a big open space above Isis, you know that bar in Pontiac. So anyway, me and this guy Chuck went to see them but this really crappy band opened (Scott Campbell’s Band) and we threw the empy brown bottles of Rush that we were huffing at this guy as he played Syd Barrett-era Floyd songs. We came to see Angry Red Planet man, not some washed up hippy shit! So then another opening band comes on, and they suck, they called themselves Black Rose and the only reason they got to play was because the bass player Gino was a bartender downstairs and scored the room for the show. Then there was some fight over whether or not some guy was a poser, probably initiated by the Apple Sids, the toughest punk gang to ever come out of the rich areas of Farmington and Bloomfield Hills. No posers there! “Daddy! Can you buy me Walk Among Us? It’s only $50″ And then some girl got sick in the only bathroom in the place, which didn’t matter since the toilet was broke anyway. Then I drew a skull on the wall with my sharpie and finished the bottle of Mad Dog that I brought in.

So then Angry Red Planet comes on and they’re great. And we all slam. It was good.

Angry Red Planet was this really good Detroit hardcore band back in the mid-80s. They release a couple of records through Touch and Go, and played quite a bit around town. They were a favorite of mine and have long since broken up. Their first full length (Little Pigs, Little Pigs) had a hand screenprinted cover and was numbered. I have number 165.

If anyone knows Cory Rusk, have him get off his ass and re-release all the old Touch & Go stuff digitally. Emusic would be a great place.

This song is called Mediocrity and is from the 7” Gawker’s Paradise, which sadly is unavailable.

The Song
Mediocrity (2.3MB MP3)

The Site
Touch and Go Profile


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