Chris Whitley 1960 – 2005

Wow, what a horrible fucking birthday present. To wake up and find that Chris Whitley had died.

For those of you who have heard his music, or seen him perform, you already know that there was no one else like him.

For those of you who don’t know, he was one of the last great keepers of American music. He made many of his own guitars. He didn’t really try to sell a ton of records. He could alternate from a solo acoustic dirge to a raucous punk noise in a matter of seconds. Danial Lanois counts him as a favorite artist. He played a mean guitar and sang like a tortured angel. His latest effort Soft Dangerous Shores is on my top 10 list for 2005. He never made a bad record, and few of them sounded alike. You should get to know him.

Rest in peace.

This is Poison Girl by Chris Whitley from the album Living With the Law

The Song
Poison Girl (3.2MB AAC)

The Site
Official Site

The Album
Living With the Law


One response to “Chris Whitley 1960 – 2005

  1. Hi, lousy birthday present indeed! But here’s some good news:

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