Maria McKee

There was (as there almost always is) an alternative country scene in the mid to late eighties. A couple of these groups flourished (Los Lobos is a great example) and some should have hit it bigger than they did. Lone Justice was one of them. They did alright, releasing 3 albums and touring with U2. Then they broke up.

That’s when things got really good. Lead singer Marie McKee began releasing albums, her first (self titled) dipping into polished country, Her second (You Gotta Sin To Get Saved) explored ragged and glorious Byrds-styled music, then for her third (Life is Sweet) she started channelling Mick Ronson and put some glam touches in. I know, sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it did.

Maria continues to put out great albums, her latest, Peddlin’ Dreams is well worth picking up. If you’re lucky enough to see her live, go for it, she’s a great performer.

This is Absolutely Barking Stars by Maria McKee from the (apparently out of print) album Life is Sweet

The Song
Absolutely Barking Stars (5.5MB MP3)

The Site
Official Site

The Album
Life is Sweet


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