Billy Falcon

What to say about Billy Falcon. Well, for one, I shouldn’t like him. He’s a barstool rock guy from Jersey who writes songs for crap bands like Bon Jovi. He had a brief, and some would say unfortunate, foray into a new wave dance thing in the 80s with someone named Myla. He has an album with a bad pun on his name (a pet peeve) called Falcon Around. Billy Falcon has really bad hair and a rose painted on his guitar.

But here’s the thing. He writes amazing songs. No, for real: amazing. songs. He has one of the most plain, but expressive voices I’ve ever heard, which means I can sing along with my plain and less expressive voice. His new wavey album is one I’m still searching for because when I was 15, it was really good (if anyone has a copy they’d like to part with, email me). The rose on his guitar is for his daughter Rose. That last one counts for a lot in my book.

This album was one of the first records I bought when I came home from the war, not feeling quite fit back into reality, and having no real direction. I heard this song on the radio in Grand Rapids, back when GR had a halfway decent station. The album is called Pretty Blue World, which was really sort of an idea I needed to begin believing in again.

My love of this record probly has a lot to do with timing and circumstance, as many do, but that doesn’t change that fact that this simple song is still one of my favorites. A terrific ode to love and what really matters in the world. This song was the runner up in my official wedding song contest. (Sorry Billy, Blue Rodeo’s Lost Together beat you on that one).

This is Power Windows by Billy Falcon from the album Pretty Blue World.

The Song
Power Windows (5.5MB MP3)

The Site
Official Site

The Album
Pretty Blue World


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