I’m not even sure when or where I got this CD. It may have just ended up in my collection by fate, or slipped in by the music elves that frequent my life and deliver new and great music to my stacks.

The cover is very cool, very Roxy. The music inside may as well be an homage to Roxy, without actually souding a thing like them.

This is a band that flew completely under the radar, but should have topped the British charts.

I’ve never heard another thing about them. It doesn’t help matters that there were apparently two other faceless bands called Mainsteam about the same time as them. They are a mystery band with one superb album.

This is Join Us by Mainstream from their self-titled album.

The Song
Join Us (4.9MB MP3)

The Site
The most I’ve ever found is the album for sale on Amazon UK


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