Rainy Day

How to even begin….

I suppose it was 1986 or 87, and I was at college dating this rather nice girl who had a decent album collection. She was from East Lansing and had been pillaging the used record stores there for years.

She had this cassette called Rainy Day, the cover had a scribbled kids drawing on it, and the songs sounded vaguely familiar. The voice on the first track tho was immediately recognizable.

I’ve never really been a fan of the Bangles, but I’ve always loved Susanna Hoffs voice. Despite the fact that she sounded like she was smiling when she sang, it always seemed like she was singing to me.

Rainy Day was sort of a “paisley underground” supergroup, with Dave Roback, Kendra Smith, and Michael Quercio, among others. The entire album was comprised of cover songs by a who’s-who of their noted influences such as Lou Reed, Neil Young, Tim Buckley, Hendrix, Townsend, Chilton, and the writer of today’s song, Mr. Bobby Dylan.

Unfortunately, this album is long out of print and quite difficult to find. I managed to snag a CD copy a while back, but have not seen another. Gemm has a few LPs and the occassional 7″ at reasonable prices.

This is I’ll Keep it With Mine, by Rainy Day from the 1986 album Rainy Day.

The Song
I’ll Keep It With Mine (3.9MB MP3)

The Site
A notice on a Mazzy Star site is about the best I could find

The Album
Good luck on Gemm or Ebay


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