Avec Aisance

So this guy sends me this message on Audioscrobbler (which is now last.fm for some reason) about his band Avec Aisance.

I get these all the time,”you like (insert band here), so you should like our band” kind of things. They are usually wrong… Well Alex was right, Avec A is a really good band.

Since there is scant info on them, and I haven’t really needed to know much more (they are a three-piece, have a hot bass player, and play loud, noisy, driving and rather dirty tunes, and are apparently Dutch) I’ll stick with the songs. They host an entire album as mp3s on their site, plus a video for this song (unfortunately it’s Windows Media tho) and are well worth checking out.

They certainly cut through the clutter of the new wave of identical and jejune bands, yeah you heard me Kasabian, I said jejune you common fuckers.

This is Not Like My Sister Behaves, by Avec Aisance from the album Vivre Dans L’aisance.

The Song
Not Like My Sister Behaves (6.4MB MP3)

The Site
Official Site


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