Steve Burns

Blue’s Clues has not been the same since he left. That imposter that’s on there now (“Fake Steve” as we call him) is a camera mugging fool and most certainly could not create an album as good as the one made by original host Steve Burns.

Apparently Steve always wanted to be a rock star, but fell into a job on a kid’s show whereby becoming a TV star. And I mean star, this guy had every MILF in existence wanting to get into those khakis and green striped shirt.

Steve somehow hooked up with the Flaming Lips fellas, which makes perfect sense when you give it a second, and started putting together an album.

It’s quirky, fun and full of great songs. The lead single “Mighty Little Man” is a recognized theme song of at least 3 of my friends. The album was on my 10 best for 2003, and deserves a listen.

This is What I Do On Saturdays by Steve Burns from the 2003 album Songs for Dustmites.

The Song
What I Do On Saturday (4.8MB MP3)

The Site
Steve’s Web Page

The Album
Songs for Dustmites


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