Chris Bell

As a member of Big Star (the Lennon to Alex Chilton’s McCartney) Chris Bell has earned his indie rock star status. His solo work, however, is often overlooked or unknown.

In 1992 Rykodisc released a compilation of Bell’s recorded work entitled I Am the Cosmos. It’s a magnificent album full of songs of heartbreak and veiled optimism. Recorded mostly in 1977, Chris Bell would only see this single released before his death the following year in a car crash.

Chris received a bit of a revival, and a new fanbase in the late eighties when 2 of his tracks were coved by the 4AD band This Mortal Coil and subsequently live staples for bands such as the Breeders.

This is possibly the best breakup song in existence.

This is I Am The Cosmos by Chris Bell from the 1992 album of the same name.

The Song
I Am The Cosmos (5.8MB MP3)

The Site
Allmusic Profile

The Album
I Am The Cosmos


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