Blue in Heaven

You remember the 80s…. most of it was crap. Despite the memories, and the new wave compilation CDs, and the flood of assy bands trying to ape the “80s Sound,” most of the music in the 80s was crap.

This is not to say the 80s were bad, most of the music in the 70s was crap, almost all the music in the 90s was crap, and apparently the majority of music so far in the 00s is crap.

But there was some great music in the 80s, most of it not appearing on Slammin new wave hit spectacular along with that “spin you right round baby right round” song and countless other tunes many of us were sick of 20 years ago.

Blue in Heaven are one of those bands that got overshadowed in their time by other Irish bretheren. I recall a review stating that the band was great, “but since we have U2, do we really need another Irish working-class band?”

Any similarity between this band and U2 consist of being Irish, and having guitars and drums.

This is Be Your Man by Blue in Heaven from the album Explicit Material. This is a vinyl rip as I don’t think this album was ever released on CD.

The Song
Be Your Man (2.6MB MP3)

The Site
Trouser Press Profile

The Album
Explicit Material


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