David Baerwald

As one of the best songwriters around, David Baerwald has not seen his share of attention. Despite 3 albums of inspired and literate music (as well as the sublime David and David album, Boomtown) his most well known songs are the ones he wrote for Sheryl Crow’s debut Tuesday Night Music Club.

You may remember those songs, they were the ones that were decent songs. This is long prior to her releasing other albums, and before you started thinking “Why does Sheryl Crow suck all of a sudden?”

Anyhoo, Baerwald is a fabulous writer and singer of songs, and I belive he has a similarity to a previous generations Steely Dan, crafting excellent songs about half-losers, shady characters and might-be, could’ve-been, wish-it-was situations.

This is a live version of Swallowed by the Cracks from the David and David album Boomtown. It was recorded at The Abbey Pub in Chicago on June 18th, 2002.

The Song
Swallowed By the Cracks (3.5MB MP3)

The Site
Allmusic.com Profile

The Album


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