Here’s the odd thing about this band: I’ve only ever heard this song from them. It was so good and so perfect for the time, I never went looking for more. After a song like this, a band couldn’t do much better.

Ok, really it has Elizabeth Frasier from the Cocteau Twins on vocal, and I was pretty sure she wasn’t on anything else they did. Plus my brother bought one of their LPs and told me it wasn’t much like this song. Oh yeah, the b-side wasn’t at all like this track either.

Regardless, this is a massive track and deserves a listen.

This song is called Primitive Painters and it was a 12″ single from the band Felt.

The Song
Primative Painters (5.5MB MP3)

The Site
Allmusic.com Profile

The Album
Absoute Classic Masterpieces


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